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(W)omyn of Worth Initiative ((W) Initiative)

This new effort intends to create a community of self-identified womyn of color that will engage in opportunities promoting academic preparedness, holistic student success and wellness, identity development, and sisterhood at UNC-Chapel Hill.

A Drink For Tomorrow (ADFT)

ADFT cultivates awareness, passion and action around water by implementing an innovative and diverse range of awareness initiatives along with impact-oriented projects in North Carolina and abroad to engage students and improve communities.

Academic Advising Program

The Academic Advising Program, otherwise known as UNC Advising, is the primary resource to partner with students as they create educational plans that align with their goals here at UNC and beyond!

Academy Health UNC-CH Student Chapter (AcademyHealth)

The students of UNC operate an official student chapter of AcademyHealth, the membership organization for health services researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners, and a leading, non-partisan resource for the best in health research.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)

Our organization provides students with opportunities to learn from and network with pharmacists and other health care professionals in the field of managed care pharmacy.

Active Minds at Carolina (Active Minds)

Active Minds at Carolina seeks to foster a community of mindful and dedicated students who are committed to a world in which individuals can seek help for mental health issues without fear of stigma or lack of access.

Adoption Education (AdoptEd)

AdoptEd is a student-run organization dedicated to bringing together adoptees in the community as well as bringing awareness and education to the public on what adoption is, the adoption process, and the increasing need for adoption locally and worldwide

Adventist Christian Fellowship-Carolina (ACF-Carolina)

We open membership to all students regardless of their beliefs and welcome all who are interested in learning more about God. We seek to develop a community centered on the love of God and to foster a holistic spiritual formation based on the Bible.

Agape Campus Ministry

Our ministry seeks to worship Jesus Christ as students, to grow as individuals and as a body, and to impact this generation for the glory of God.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association (UNC-Ch AMSA)

AMSA is a student led organization that is designed to educate and raise awareness of the true teachings of Islam through discussion groups, community service projects and international human rights awareness campaigns.

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